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Drug Abuse

The use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs is a major health and social problem facing our nations youth. Youths within our community is no exception. It can quickly lead to addiction, associated chronic diseases, failure at school, and delinquency. As parents are we equipped with the necessary tools to face them?

I searched the web and found a very interesting site that provides us the necessary tools which can be of help to us. Please click on the following link to read further http://www.ncpc.org/topics/drug-abuse

At the same time please give me some inputs if such an article will be of help to you. You may also suggest me to write on certain subjects which will be of use for our community.

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Malaysia Crime Watch

Hi residents I found this site to be very useful and informs on what is going around us in USJ-Subang Jaya. I have created a link in the “External Links” on the right side of the page for you to view the page regularly.

How many of us know that a 17 year old girl who boarded a taxi from SS 15 to SS14 was assaulted and raped by the taxi driver on May 10, 2009? Please click the following link to know about this incident and other incidents happening in our neighborhood http://malaysiacrimewatch.lokety.com/taxi-driver-assaulted-and-raped-17-year-old/

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Please take note one of our neighbor home in 44 Jalan USJ 3/1F was broken into on July 4, 2009. The break-in was suspected to have happened between 8:30-11pm. Cash, Laptops, a handphone, some watches and jewelry were stolen. On the same night house number 34 Jalan USJ 3/1F was broken in. Police report was lodged and investigators visited the site but no results yet.

With other communities in USJ area become gated and guarded, our USJ 3/1 tends to become an easy target. Did you all notice that the green banner had been taken down? Who removed it? As a community we need to work together to help one another. Hence please support this initiative to create a conducive environment for us all to live-in.

Thanks & Regards

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Untuk makluman tuan-tuan dan puan-puan memandangkan kerapnya berlaku kes-kes jenayah seperti kecurian, rompakan dan samun di kawasan perumahan USJ 3/1 & USJ 3/2, satu jawatan kuasa penduduk telah ditubuhkan dengan tujuan utama untuk mencari penyelesaian bagi meningkatkan tahap keselamatan dan seterusnya membenteras gejala jenayah di kawasan perumahan kita bersama.

Oleh yang demikian satu program kesedaran keselamatan akan diadakan pada 12-Julai-2009 pada jam 3 petang bertempat di padang permainan USJ 3/1A. YB Hannah Yeohh telah bersetuju untuk menghadirkan diri bagi menyokong program kesedaran tersebut. YB Dato’ Adnan Bin Haji Md. Ikhsan (YDP MPSJ) serta Ketua Inspektor Loi Yew Lik (Ketua Balai Polis USJ8) akan menghadiri untuk menyokong program ini.

Program kesedaran ini akan merangkumi aktiviti dan kerja-kerja seperti memasang pagar (“Gated community”) di kawasan yang tertentu, mengupah pegawai-pegawai keselamatan untuk membuat rondaan dan bekerjasama dengan pihak polis untuk meningkatkan rondaan di kawasan yan tertentu pada waktu yang sesuai dan lain-lain aktiviti yang berkeperluan.

Diharap tuan-tuan dan puan-puan penduduk USJ 3/1 dan USJ 3/2 akan keluar beramai-ramai pada 12-Julai-2009 Jam 3 Petang untuk memberi sokongan yang jitu bagi menjayakan program kesedaran keselamatan komuniti kawasan perumahan USJ 3/1 dan USJ 3/2.



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